A Thai boys’ football team of 12 boys from a little village north of Thailand went on a bonding trip with their young football coach. They got trapped in a cave when unexpected rain flooded the tunnels, trapping the boys and their coach for a nine days before they were found. As none of the boys could swim and they were nearly two miles from safety, the rescue process was hazardous. A rescuer, a Thai Navy Seal, died in the underwater tunnel.

International rescuers arrived to help with the rescue operation. World spotlight was on the 12 boys and their 25-year-old coach.  There were of course heavy criticism of the coach – why on earth did he venture so deep into the unknown with a  bunch of teenagers? Was it necessary? What was he thinking of to risk so many lives? Where’s his brain? 

The boys wrote short messages on scraps of paper to their worried parents. The coach wrote to the boys’ parents, too, apologising profusely for endangering their sons’ lives.

And here’s the thing: the parents wrote back to him, telling him that they are not angry with him, and nor do they blame him.

You can only the fear and worry of these parents: imagine if it were your child in the waterlogged cave, facing a dangerous few days ….. put in a life-threatening situation that could have been avoided. Wouldn’t you be angry? Wouldn’t you lash out?

But blaming never solves anything. Blaming a person (even if he is guilty) only creates more ugliness in an already ugly and divided world. It makes the speaker unhappier, angrier and more bitter. Thus speak love always ❤

  • Note: At the time of writing five of the boys have been rescued. Follow their progress on Twitter: #ThailandCaveRescue

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