Yesterday, we took my friend Nico’s three sons out to Dorset, the next county on from mine (Hampshire). It is a peaceful, still under-developed county – a few years ago, Hampshire gave the town of Bournemouth to Dorset because Dorset didn’t have anadministrative capitsl. That’s how under-developed Dorset is and it’s lovely. If you love literature, it is pure Thomas Hardy country.



One of the big reasons we came here was the Dorset coast is full of fossils (best beach for fossils is Charminster). I used to come here with my parents and brothers; later, my brother and I brought our children here.

The beaches here are stunning. “That’s why the dinosaurs chose to live here, eh, Jacqueline?” One of the little boys said to me.

C25DA934-AD94-4B61-9F85-974ADEE67567I don’t know much about fossils but am very experienced, and that is the great thing about it: I have to DEDUCE whether a piece of rock contains a fossil or not. And this opens up a long (enjoyable) conversation that really sparks the intellect. For example: this is definitely a fossil.



1. The clear distinction of the structure (in black);

2. The curvature of the structure(spines are curved);

3. Segmentation of the structure (again, like a spine).

For definite identification, we could take it to the Isle of Wight Dinosaur Museum in Sandown.

Fossil-hunting is certainly exciting for all ages, especially when it ends up in a traditional beach restaurant.  Visit Dorset.