My mum is one of those strange people who only have happiness and joy in her heart. When I was a teenager, I used to scorn her other-worldliness.

“The world doesn’t work like this, Ma!” I would rage at her.

“Oh, Jac, all you need is love, sunshine and fresh air,” she would insist with that beaming smile of hers. She never lost faith in life, nor her belief that life is inherently good. She has the brightest smile that reflects that.

She didn’t come from a privileged background and she lived through the hard years of World War II. But in those difficult times, she found happiness. Here’s a little recollection from her childhood:

Her best friend was a girl called Gwyneth, and Gwyneth’s mum used to organise potato-picking trips for young children in the village. The truck would pick the children up, and they would work long hours in the sun in the fields. The tractors would dig the potato plants up and the children would pick the potatoes.

They earned £1 a day, which delighted my mum so much. She beamed with happiness as she recalled the farmer’s wife, who laid out a big spread of sandwiches for the children who came to the farm to pick potatoes.

She could have told an entirely different story: of growing up in poverty, being exploited by a rich landowner, working for a pittance when still a child. Instead, she chose to be happy…..and now that I am 50, I am appreciating her outlook more and more. She has not wasted a single day of her life being unhappy or dissatisfied.

So here’s my potato plants. This is the first time I am growing potatoes. I am amazed how easily and how fast they grow. Try it, grow happiness ❤

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