It was a rainy grey day and I was snug in my bed. I really didn’t want to go for my yoga class yesterday morning.  I wanted to stay in bed with a good book.

But I went anyway.

Sad to say, it wasn’t a brilliant class for me. I guess I wasn’t committed to it. I just showed up and went through the motions. The class dragged on and on, and my mind wasn’t there at all. I know it wasn’t a brilliant class because I didn’t really want to be there. But I didn’t walk out. I stayed till the end.

Sad to say, this wasn’t the first time I went to class with so little enthusiasm.

But guess what? That’s real life. We can’t be excited about life, about our relationship, about our job every single day. There are days when it feels like a chore, be it your life, your relationship or your job.

The key thing is to stick with something rather than run away at the first sign of boredom, problem or challenge.

What matters is that you keep showing up rather than opting out. Because as in my yoga class example, each time you show up and put some effort in, you are doing something positive in the long run. Everyday doesn’t have to be brilliant. It is impossible to have a brilliant day everyday. That’s not real life. But try to bring some joy into what you do on those dreary days. That makes a difference. Treat yourself to your favourite things on your way in to work on days you don’t feel like going in. Buy your partner a bunch of flowers on days you don’t want to be in your relationship. Do something to switch your mood. It’s how you approach the day, your job, your commitment, your relationship that keeps you on the path.

I’m putting on my sparkly shoes to show up at class today at London Bridge and meeting up with my big smiley friend for coffee afterwards, and reminding myself how blessed I am to have this healthy body that enables me to have this blessed life. So yoga it is then, not bed 😛