Of course we went to the stunning Le Pont de la Tour to celebrate. It’s really the place for special occasions and I have such lovely memories of happy times in this iconic restaurants over the years.

“Can I take you somewhere for lunch next?” I asked.

“Sure,” he beamed.

And so, on that beautiful summer’s noon, he met me at Mansion House Tube Station, the jacket of his suit off and swinging jauntily over his shoulder.

We walked a little, amongst the lunchtime crowd.

“Where are we going?” He asked. “Coq d’Argent?”

No. Here.”

He looked around him, a bit puzzled. For we were standing at the Guildhall Square, and despite it being lunchtime on a warm summer’s day, it was quiet and peaceful. I led him to one of the several stone benches and unpacked my rucksack. He chuckled and gamely sat down for our picnic-in-the-City lunch.


There is a free art gallery just in front of us, and behind us the London Business Library.  At dusk, this place looks really romantic (photo courtesy of Guildhall London).

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But on this sweet afternoon, I led him into St LawrenceJewry, which was originally built in the 12th century. It was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666, and rebuilt to the designs of Sir Christopher Wren. Inside, a small and talented group of youngsters were practising gospel music. Their rich notes filled this ancient cavern. Light filtered through the building’s many stained glass windows as we basked in both the music and the sunshine.

There’s something very potent about wine at lunchtime, sitting out in the sunshine and uplifting music.  “I think I’m in love,” he said.

And what a great place to celebrate ❤


Note: If you sign up on its website, you will get 25% discount on your first visit to Le Pont, still one of the most magical dining spots in London if you want to splurge.