TimeOut recently published a list of seven best hotel rooms for sex in London (you can see the list here).

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 18.52.33.png

And since I have my birthday coming up, I spent a few delicious moments fantasising.

But you know what, the best hotel room for sex doesn’t have to be anything grand, expensive, romantic, etc. If you are with the wrong person, it doesn’t matter where you are, it is still sh*te. I remember years ago sitting in a bath in a gorgeous hotel room in a converted grand, old building with the wrong person and thinking to myself, “This is so screwed up”. It was a huge relief to check out.

But as a mother of five, I know how unromantic bedrooms can be if you have children. So here are my seven tips for making your bedroom the best-ever boudoir for sex:

  1. Get rid of the children (if you have them) for 1.5 days. You need half a day to prep.
  2. Chuck all children’s stuff (I would go as far as removing framed photographs from the dresser and walls) and other signs of domesticity into another bedroom and shut that door! I was looking around my bedroom the other day and spotted an empty cookie jar and iPhone box ….. NOT SEXY!
  3. Use drapes to cover some stuff you can’t shift … bookshelf by my bed is crammed with unsexy reading materials – murder mysteries and books with title such as Why I Left Goldman Sachs.
  4. Buy new sheets – they’re good investments for future romantic interludes anyway.
  5. Back to drapes….use them artistically to create a sense of something wild and different. Saree materials are perfect for this.
  6. Fresh flowers and stock up on chocolates !
  7. Don’t forget to clean the bathroom!

Photos: Things to remove or cover up.

And finally, get yourself in the role  and frame of mind to fit in with your boudoir, ie, ditch the old t-shirt (main photo) and opt into something sexy/nothing instead ❤

Photo on 7-13-14 at 9.55 AM #2