Sometimes, I do inspired things such as drag myself off to yoga early on a Saturday morning after a late night the night before.  Why? Probably because the space and the teacher inspire me.

This morning, I was greeted with this:


This is something my mum practices so effortlessly, so gracefully, so successfully. I think it’s a good creed to have, but sometimes, it is just not possible to make everyone happy. Because some people have such huge darkness in their hearts that could swallow up the whole sun.

My philosophy is look after the sun in you well, so that its rays may warm others and light the way for those who wish it. For those who want to steal it, want to make use of it (you), don’t want it, etc, wish them well and be on your way. It’s a fallacy to think that you can save everyone. So rise and shine….for yourself!

Even if you don’t go for yoga, just stand tall for a few moments, stretch up your arms to the skies and breathe!! Feel the light radiating in you.

Have a good weekend, kiss from London Bridge x

Photos: Bikram Yoga London Bridge and London Bridge