I am a gezellig girl. That’s Dutch for someone who likes to slob around at home (especially on cold, dark winter’s night) in unsexy t-shirts, thick socks and buried under a duvet with a book or some British murder mystery on Netflix (Broadchurch is ACE!). 

Photo: in gezellig mode

But there was no food at home (I had been at work all week, no time for food shopping!) so we had to get wrapped up to go out for some food. I was planning on picking up a quick takeaway and rushing home to snuggle back in my quilt.

But I was ushered into a Docklands Light Railway train heading out to Greenwich. Greenwich? At 9pm on a midweek night?

“I know a nice restaurant in Greenwich, but we should have booked,” I groused. ‘And I’m not dressed for any good restaurants!”

“None of your fancy restaurants, Jac, you know I hate them.”

He must have done his research, because much to my surprise, the market square was festooned with lights and brimming with life on this midweek night when it should have been closed up.

Instead, the pubs in the square were filled with revellers. There was a motorbike convention going on with interesting bikers’ stuff for sale – I picked up imaginative Christmas presents for my bike-mad sons. 

We joined in with the revelry for a bit, made some new friends, and then had fish and chips and warm cider.

Afterwards, we walked towards the Cutty Sark. It was quiet here, just the two of us and the big winter moon. We sat and watched the moon before walking home through the deserted streets to our warm home. Yeah, it’s good to venture out sometimes, only if to come home ❤