I am reluctant to share this sweet little place as it is one of my favourite spots on the island. It’s on the edge of the Srinath National Park, and there are not that many tourists here. The beach is called Layan, and on weekends, you will see many Thai families camping here with their families, sitting on mats and cooking food on charcoal braziers.

You can get an hour of massage on this beach for less than £10 and hour, beneath a thatched hut.

If you like funky “young” music, set yourself up with a beach chair (£2 an hour) on the perimeter of Dream Beach Club and piggyback on its WiFi. Otherwise, wander further down the beach for more isolation.

The best thing is, you can stay in Layan in the very little-known, new, “Layan Natural Bungalows” and eat at its lovely cafe called “Pad Thai” for a decent price (especially its signature dish, pad thai). The owner grows bananas and some local stuff that she proudly offers for sale (20p for a bunch of sweet bananas) and there is a cool box filled with refreshing drinks, just right to grab a few and head down to the beach (50m away) for sundowners.

The small orchard is simply dreamy, beautifully kept and reminds me of everything I love about Phuket, and why I think it’s the best place to live in Asia ❤