You might scoff at the title, but think about this for a moment – any job search, interview, salary negotiation and finally exchange of contract, is about the person rather than just the CV.

Regular practice of yoga shapes a person, as anything that you do regularly does: my older daughter was a student at the Royal Academy in London (feeder school of Royal Ballet) and she still carries herself like a ballerina even when she is laden down with bags of groceries.

Long term AND consistent practice of yoga is all for mastering the brain. That is in fact, the true goal of yoga. My yoga teacher, Cintra, said in class today, “Yoga is not about standing on your head but your own two feet.”

Yes, you have to be self-sufficient, to know that completion is to be found within the self, rather than seeking the external to fulfil you or solve your problems.

My yoga buddy, W, is a Cintra-follower. He goes to her class and laps up her words of wisdom. And I think, stealing a look at him during class, he does embody Cintra’s teachings in him.

I love his strength, stability and calmness.

A few weeks ago, his contract with his firm finished after 6 years and was not renewed because of organisational change. He had no Plan B. And there he was, a EU national in London, who worked for a EU multinational which is downscaling its London operations, who was now jobless. And he is not cheap to hire, being 40 years old, a wealth of experience under his belt, and looking for a senior role.

I asked around discreetly, but the answers I got were almost inevitably the same: nobody was hiring for senior roles with the uncertainly of Brexit looming. The chances were almost nil.

And here’s the thing: he doesn’t want to leave London.

But I think I worried more than he did about his joblessness. And then a post came up with one of the Big 4′ accounting firms, who advertised for a Partner in insurance practice in London (about 6 weeks ago). “You’ll get that job,” I told my friend. “You have so much industry experience and you are experienced in leading real-world, multi-billion euro projects.”

“It’s not what I want to do,” he said calmly. “I want to do the work and build relationships, not get paid to tell people how to do it.”

He mooched around for a couple of weeks. I think he was a bit stressed, but he calmly got on with his day. And quietly, he interviewed for the job he wanted, and he got it, just like that…..despite the naysayers (including myself) telling him that it is difficult to find jobs in London especially, right now. It was ironic that the job he wanted came to him as he sat grounded firmly to the earth.

“I meditated,” he grinned.

I am glad that he stuck to his path, kept his faith and trusted in the universe. This may seem like a new-age mumbo-jumbo, but if you could meet this man, you’ll see what I mean – you’d employ him in a heartbeat. I think it is all about being calm and focused, and also believing that what is meant for you will come your way: at 51, after more than a decade of absence from the City, I got a job in summer. I didn’t think I stood a chance.

So this is my message: keep strong, and BELIEVE. Namaste.

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