I went home to my parents’ house this weekend and found that they are all fired up about the new 800-calories-a-day diet that they have been on for the past 2 weeks.

They are 83-years-old, love their food and not particularly fashion-conscious. “Why are you both dieting at your age?” I teased.

“Because we want to be healthier, Jac!” They exclaimed simultaneously, big smiles on their faces.

My niece bought them this cookbook and they are so pleased. They’re trying one new recipe a day. Last night, they made chicken cordon bleu – with bacon, cream cheese, cream sauce, etc. I’m sure it was more than 800 calories. The huge serving of avocado certainly tipped the calorie count over the 800 limit….that and the glasses of wine we consumed with dinner. Plus ice cream.

But you know what, I could feel their passion for living. They were excited to be alive. And so happy to have each other for their little ‘projects’.

People often say passion is over-rated. I don’t think so. I wouldn’t like to be with someone who does not have a passion for me; nor would I be with someone I do not have a passion for. Because whilst long-term committed love is what that keeps two lives together, it is the passion that fires us up from within, compelling us to strive and climb the mountains of our minds as our body ages. Passion never grows old, it keeps us young and fired up ❤

But how to keep passion growing, you might ask. As with everything, you have to feed it good food, nourish it and never take each other for granted. Continue being lovers, never stop writing love letters.

So here’s to JA, writer of the most passionate emails and texts, whose flame burns for me so strongly over the years ….may I paddle you across the Javanese sea again, as I did on that glorious day of long ago. 

Satu kali lagi, sayang, our passion never dies.

“I could stay awake just to hear you breathing, watch you smile as you sleep…” by Aerosmith sums up passion very well. Want to experience it? Listen to this song.