This flat was just another empty, soulless space in corporate Canary Wharf when I first moved in in April 2019. And whilst I busied myself making the inside comfortable, Woy started planting things. I told him, please no! The space is so small, I prefer minimalist, we are too busy to be gardeners.

But he went on in his sweet, stubborn way.

Now, we have a profusion of gorgeous flowers and vegetables growing in old wine crates and cute containers. The small space is visited by many bees and butterflies. We sometimes just chill on the daybed and watch them enjoying the flowers. “Best place in the world to be,” Woy would often declare dreamily before hastily adding, “After Poland, of course!”

Last month, Jemima Puddleduck from Lymington, Hampshire, came to live with us. A whimsical present from my mother. I feel that my life is complete and am at peace when I am home. Sometimes, we just need to stop the chattering and live each day.