He was contently repotting the houseplants, humming to himself. Then he had a long shower, singing loudly in the bathroom, and talking intermittently to the cheese plants who are parked in there.

He emerged from the bathroom, towelling his wet hair. “Shall I make dinner? You can choose what we watch on Netflix tonight.”
“Aren’t you bored being cooped in such a small space? We’ve been living like this for a week!”

He looked at me in surprise. “Isn’t this how we live normally, except for your Friday outings with the girls, seeing your children and going to work?”
How could I, a lifelong yogi, forget that we live in the world of illusions? The ‘freedom’, the shopping, the cinemas, the restaurants ….. they are just the layers (‘kosha”), the distractions. Peel that away and you have the one unchanging Self. Home and family, on the macro scale, samadhi on the esoteric scale.

Enjoy your time at ‘home’.