In a patio garden full of vibrant flowers and visited by many butterflies and bees, live this little plant in a forgotten corner.

She is nondescript and small. It had been a long time since she bloomed and nobody quite remembers what her flowers looked like, what she looked like when she was at her best and on display with the other beauties of the patio.

“Look at this little thing,” my partner said, picking the pot up in his hand, marvelling at how a forgotten life could thrive. “I don’t give her hardly any attention, I don’t even water her. I don’t feed her. But here she is, I think she’s from last year, and she’s still here alive and getting on with the business of living.”

He got quite tearful and emotional. “She’s just so grateful for the sun, the rain, the fresh air,” he said, reading the little plant. And then stroking a leaf gently with his finger, he whispered, “I will love you more now that I’ve seen your tenacity.”